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Exclusive jewels, rare pocket or wrist watches, refined silverware, that's what we work with!
But, since 15 years, also investment gold and certified diamonds.
We aim to bring our sophisticated clientele back to that refined time when the splendid object overshadowed its container, doing our best in fulfilling their quest for a particular item, as desirable as this may be, as much as directing them towards something yet to be unveiled.

We are speciazlized in jewelry restoration: it requires several technical steps in order to bring each piece as close as possible to its original condition. Many processes are used to restore jewelry including cleaning, polishing, replacing lost stones, re-cutting chipped diamonds and gemstones, repairing broken and worn prongs, thickening bezel walls, fixing bent shanks, replacing worn or broken shanks, engraving, applying filigree or millegraining, even removing incorrect “repairs” and poorly performed solder seams.

The Founder, with his 25 years' experience, and his team also look after the repairs and restoration of some of our clients’ most precious jewellery items, carefully restoring them by hand to their original beauty. A comprehensive watch repair and service facility is also available for all the brands, ensuring every timepiece is maintained to the highest possible standard.

We serve museums, foundations, auction houses, and privates who need to have stylistic informations, gemological advices and historical expertises about their jewels, watches or silverware.


Buy and sell jewels, watches, silverware.
Investment diamonds and gold coins.
Jewellery Repair
Repair and Restore Antique Jewellery
Replacement Of Diamonds And Precious Stones
Watch Repairs & Service
Polishing & Plating




Bednarz & Burger d.o.o.
Prečna ulica 1 - 6210 Sežana - Slovenia
VAT SI85994138
PHONE: +386 59021457
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